When we applied for jobs teaching English in Taiwan, it was all about doing something different. So here we are, far from home and just the two of us, and we intend to make the most  of our time and experience as much “different” as we can. Some brief introductions may be necessary to give our blog some context:

We are two recent graduates from Rhodes University, South Africa. Our decision to teach in Taiwan was predominantly driven by a mutual academic fatigue and a lot of uncertainty about what the next step should be. So the cheesy summary is that we are hoping to learn about ourselves while we are here, get some actual life experience, and test our own limits.

We live in Changhua City, but although we both work for the same company, Neurolink Academy, we work at different schools in neighbouring cities (Changhua and Hemei) in the Changhua county, which is here:


While we were preparing to come to Taiwan we did as much research as we could about the country, the city, and the schools. In the process, we discovered that most of the blogs out there are written by Americans, Canadians and British people. While a lot of these were still really useful, we also felt they were a bit lacking in some aspects, because they take some things for granted which are a novelty for South Africans (like public transport), and are also sometimes surprised by things South Africans might consider very normal (like a weak economy, or very hot summers). So we thought we would give a different perspective on life in Taiwan for any other South Africans (or anyone from anywhere really) who are trying to decide if its for them!